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i can’t handle the bald guy he doesn’t even try

oh my gosh it’s back

I laughed at this for like an hour the first time it was on my dash

The bald guy is driving the boat. It’s like he realized he fucked up and deserves whatever punishment Neptune deems fit

The bald guy looks fake.

Its even more funnier when you play dubstep to it. 

he fucking failed but the way he fell was perfect 

That girl….

I’ve gone over a hundred and one scenarios in me head trying to search for a reason  why? Why me? I may be gullible, not that pretty to most, I am not a typical person or for all that matters worth it, whatever the it may be i lack it. I put  my all into what and who i feel for because let’s face it they’re my feelings. If you make me happy of course I’m going to want you in my life. even though all you’ve ever done is make me laugh and cry, laugh and cry. I still give you my all because I like you but hey lets face facts that’s my problem. Every person I encounter they are just that an encounter. Friends stay friends, lovers stay lovers, and a fuck is just a fuck. But you don’t fall into any of those categories, you’re the exception. You don’t define the relationship you leave me hanging on curiosity and this is where you kick into my system. I want to hug you, kiss you, fuck you, touch you, be proud of you, and just want to be around you. That’s so much to ask of you, but I don’t ask you. No, i have to beg. 

How could I let you get to me like this? I’m so afraid to lose someone who makes me so happy at times. But i don’t want to cry over someone who doesn’t think about me, i never cross their mind, someone who tells me the sweetest lies, who never tries for me. I’ve only known you for a month or so and yet you’re already like the rest of the men that has passed on through my life so far. I get excited to see you while you stay silent. You’re ashamed of me i know it, embarrassed of me around your friends. When i’m alone with you around my four bedroom walls I am the prettiest girl in the room. i don’t deserve the truth i deserve the lies. i don’t deserve the chocolates i deserve the tale of them. i don’t deserve the daylight i deserve the night time intoxication’s. the only time desperation has a tight grip around your dick and you think of me and how easy it is for you to slide inside me. i deserve the lights off and the least amount of effort put into any sexual encounter between us. i deserve the wonder of your eyes and never focusing whose thighs your in between. i deserve the image of another girl where i am laying. In some weird way i ruined it all. 

when you get tired of me and you will get tired of me, you will leave when you do i will help you with the bags and shake the hand of the girl who i could not be for you. I deserve this broken heart. this disease, the phenomenon that people try to acquire from each other, i deserve it all because I let you do it to me. i could walk away, i could leave but my thoughts are why bother? the next person will be the same so why not wait? this time it’ll be a new face, new skin, new voice but the same scenario….  

Fuck you

I’ve been drunk everyday for the past three days, Why you may ask? The answer is simple… I just don’t care what you think, what you have to say, what you want to do with your life or how much you’ve hurt me because I was the only one there for you… Right now in this moment all I want to do is find the answer at the bottom of this bottle. If I don’t find it today maybe I will tomorrow..

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